Monday, October 19, 2009

1865 New Nork State Census - B C Taylor


This afternoon I perused 316 pages of the 1865 New York State Census for the 5th Ward of the Town of Buffalo in Erie County, New York State. I was able to locate the Taylor Family in the 1st Election District. B.C. and Kathi Taylor are listed with their five children: Elenora; Benjamen; Kathi; Sophia; and Gress. B.C. Taylor is enumerated with no occupation.

Sources: 1865 NY State Census,
and Family History Library microfilm FHL[0825684]

My transcription -
Page 71

I. Population. CENSUS of the Inhabitants living in the First Election District of the Fifth Ward of the City of Buffalo in the County of Erie, N.Y., on the first day of June 1865.

This Enumeration was made by me, on the 17th day of June, 1865.
Mathias Buettler Enumerator


1 Numbered in order of visitation. - 383
2 Of what material built. - framed
3 Value. - 800

4 Families numbered in order of visitation. - 549

5 Names of every person whose usual place of abode was in the Family on the 1st day of June, 1865.

Include as in the family those absent in the army and navy. - B.C. Taylor, Kathi Taylor, Elenora Taylor, Benjamen Taylor, Kathi Taylor, Sophia Taylor, Gress Taylor

6 Age. - 48, 35, 15, 13, 11, 7, 1
7 Sex. - M, F, F, M, F, F, F
8 Color {White, black or mulatto. - blak, , mul, mul, mul, mul, mul
9 Relation to the head of the family. - , wife, child, child, child, child, child
10 In what county of this state, or in what state, or foreign country born. - Virginia, Germany, Erie, Erie, Erie, Erie, Erie
11 Of how many children the parent. - 5
12 Number of times married. - 1
13 Now married. - 1
14 Now widowed. -
15 Single. - , , 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1
16 Profession, trade or occupation. - None
17 Usual place of employment, if out of the city or town, where the family resides. -


18 Native. - 1
19 Naturalized. -
20 Alien. -

21 Colored person not taxed. -
22 Owner of land. -
23 Over 21, and not able to read and write. -
24 Deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic. -

Employment in military or naval service of United States.

25 Now in army. -
26 Now in navy. -
27 Formerly in army. -
28 Formerly in navy. -
You'll notice that three houses before on the Census page is the Adam Gerhing family. Could this Adam Gehring, age 30, be Kathi (Catherine née Gehring) Taylor's brother? Or at least someone related?

I discovered online a document, Censuses For New York State in the Grosvenor Room at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. It is a very good work and reference.


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Sunday, October 18, 2009

1892 New York State Census - Benjamin and Catherine Taylor


And sometime we luck out. Even though the majority of the 1890 Census were lost, at times we can find "replacement" documents that just fit the bill.

This morning, happenstance maybe, pure luck maybe... I stumbled upon a copy of a 1892 New York State Census, dated February 16, 1892, a copy from 107 years ago which included the names of Dr. Benjamin and Catherine Taylor.

And here's the copy from microfilm FHL[825693] -

Sources: New York. Erie County. 1892 State Census. 
Erie County Courthouse, Buffalo, New York and the Family History Library

My transcription -
Page 1

Enumeration of the Inhabitants living in the Third Election District of the Seventh Ward of the City of Buffalo, in the County of Erie, N.Y., on Feb. 16, 1892. Edward Tesving?

NAME. - Benjemin Taylor
Male or Female. - M
AGE. - 70
Color. - C
Citizen or Alien. - C

NAME. - Cathaen Toylor
Male or Female. - F
AGE. - 63
Color. -
Citizen or Alien. - C

Based on this new/old information we have two more approximately calculated years of birth for both Benjamin as circa 1822, and Catherine as circa 1829.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1861 Canada Agricultural Census - Gustavus Anderson - London, Ontario


I discovered the 1861 Canada Agricultural Census enumerating Gustavus Anderson and his stead, holdings, and farming efforts.  It is amazing the information that is provided.  Two other Andersons; David and Clayborne, along with Gustavus are included on this census page.  Is there some connection?  Don't know... More research and investigation needed.

And the Gustavus Andersons: Spring Wheat, Peas, Oats, Indian Corn, Pigs, and Butter. In 1860 five acres of land, fully cultivated, all crops.

Sources: 1861 Census of Canada
Data imaged from Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada 

My transcription -


AGRICULTURAL CENSUS, Enumeration District No. 1 St. Lawrence Ward of the Township of London County of Middlesex. E. Robinson Enumerator


1 - NAME OF OCCUPIER - Gustavus Anderson
2 - Concession of Range. - 1
3 - Lot or part of Lot. - 7


4 - Total held by each Person or Family. - 5
5 - Under Cultivation. - 5
6 - Under Crops in 1860. - 5
7 - Under Pasture in 1860.
8 - Under Orchards or Garden.
9 - Under Wood or Wild.

10 - Cash value of Farm, Dollars. - 250
11 - Cash value of Farming Implements or Machinery, Dollars. - 20


12 - Acres.
13 - Produce in Bushels.


14 - Acres. -
15 - Produce in Bushels. - 37


16 - Acres.
17 - Produce in Bushels.


18 - Acres.
19 - Produce in Bushels.


20 - Acres. - 1
21 - Produce in Bushels. - 37


22 - Acres. - ½
23 - Produce in Bushels. - 20


24 - Acres.
25 - Produce in Bushels.


26 - Acres. - ½
27 - Produce in Bushels. - 12


28 - Acres. - ½
29 - Produce in Bushels. - 80


30 - Acres.
31 - Produce in Bushels.


32 - Acres.
33 - Produce in Bushels.

34 - Carrots, bushels.
35 - Beans, bushels.
36 - Hops, lbs.
37 - Hay, tons of 2000 lbs. or bundles of 16 lbs.
38 - Clover Seed, Timothy Seed, or other Grass Seed, bushels.
39 - Flax or hemp, lbs.
40 - Wool, lbs.
41 - Maple Sugar, lbs.
42 - Cider, gallons.
43 - Fulled Cloth, yards.
44 - Linen, yards.
45 - Flannel, yards.
46 - Bulls or Oxen over 3 years of age.
47 - Steers or heifers under 3 years of age. - 1
48 - Milch Cows. - 1
49 - Horse over 3 years of age. - 1
50 - Value of same, Dollars. - 40
51 - Colts or Fillies under 3 years of age.
52 - Sheep.
53 - Pigs. - 4
54 - Total value of all live Stock, Dollars. - 75
55 - Butter, lbs. - 35
56 - Cheese, lbs.
57 - Beef in brls. of 200 lbs.
58 - Pork in brls. of 200 lbs.


59 - Quantity dried in Quintals.
60 - Quantity Salted and Barrelled.
61 - Quantity sold, Fresh.
62 - Pleasure Carriages kept.
63 - Value of ditto. Dollars.


64 - Copper Ore mined. Tons
65 - Value of ditto. Dollars.
66 - Iron Ore, mined. Tons
67 - Value ditto. Dollars.
68 - Produce of Orchards and gardens. Dollars.




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Saturday, October 3, 2009

16 Ancestral Lines

Good Afternoon,

I thought you may like a visual presentation of the 16 Anderson Ancestral Lines. As we know, it is a work in progress.

I have used the individual's state of birth on record. A "?", question mark, represents a current unknown.


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Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28, 2009 - GG-Grandfather Talbot Turner and The Civil War - Part 2

Good Afternoon,

So that we can visualize the relationship of great-great-grandfather Talbot Turner in perspective with his immediate family I have created a Descendant Chart. As always the information on the Descendant Chart can and may change depending on the source and reliability of the data. As you can see there are some identified boxes in the Chart that are highlighted. (On my PC they are a light tan bordering on a dull yellow. Based on your video card and your monitor capabilities the color may be some what different.) The highlighted boxes represent the immediate blood line of the owner.

Following up from Part 1, in conjunction with the two previously found Pension Index Cards from and The National Archives, I discovered the following dated "1891 Sep. 28":

and the following dated "1904 or 1914 Jan 7":

These also are from The National Archives extracted from the Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934; T288; (Reference Roll 482: Turner, Leander--Tyas, Jonathan). This collection only holds the names of Union veterans as the pension files were for federal benefits. The application and certificate numbers are for the pension case file housed at The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.

In the case of great-great-grandfather Talbot Turner and his widow, great-great-grandmother Susan J. Turner the application numbers (transcribed) are "1060326" and "797538", respectively. The certificate numbers are "752454" and "572270", respectively.

Registration is required to submit a Reference Request or Order Reproductions online. The Pension Application Files may provide a wealth of information as outlined in the linked description.

Compiled by Mr. Bennie J. McRae, Jr., I discovered the following site: U.S. Colored Infantry Regiments, which provides the Organization, Location and Original Designation. The information provided for your great-great-grandfather Talbot's regiments was:

1. Organization: 65th U.S. Colored Infantry; Location: Benton Barracks, Missouri; Original Designation: 2nd Missouri Colored Infantry; and

2. Organization: 67th U.S. Colored Infantry; Location: Benton Barracks, Missouri; Original Designation: 3rd Missouri Colored Infantry.

Enjoy... To be continued,


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009 - Fantastic Note and Great-Great-Grandfather Talbot Turner - Part 1


What an exciting discovery that was made with the small piece of paper with your grandmother Ora Louisa (née Lewis) Anderson's writing -

Transcribing the note:

Front -
67th Regiment
Talbot Turner
Sergeant, Company "A"

of the 67th Regiment of
U.S. Ifantry Corps

1864 was made Sergeant

J.B. Nickerson
Adjutant of the regiment

A.J. Edjerton

Commander of the Regiment
Discharged 1865
Glasgow, Mo.

Back -
Grandpa Turner
My mother's

And then the wheel's started turning.

So many wheels and cogs that I thought that this search could expand over a series of Blog postings.

First hit from - Civil War and Later Veterans Pension Index contributed by The National Archives.

The 1891 Sept. 28 card provides an additional bit of information to grandmother Ora Louisa's note. The card notes "Co. F, 65 Reg't US. C. Inf." in addition to the "A. 67 US. C-Inf."

The next successful hit -

It's two years earlier: 1889 Sept. 28, and the Company information "Co. A, 67 Reg't US. C. Inf." and Additional Services "F 65, US. C Inf" is reversed as compared to the 1891 card.

My immediate question refers to both cards. On both cards "Late rank" is entered as "P". What does the "P" rank represent? Obviously my first thought is "Private"... and of course this is not in line of thought with the great-great-grandfather Talbot's rank of "Sergeant" as noted by your grandmother.

Finding relevant data at, which in turn is corresponding to the information included in the African Civil War Memorial, the Rank highlighted for great-great-grandfather Talbot Turner is "Sergeant". So the question is what does the "Late rank P" stand for on the 1889 and 1891 cards?

To be continued,



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Sunday, July 26, 2009

1837-1857 Buffalo City Directories - Taylor and Gehring

Good afternoon,

I've been examining the Buffalo City Directories from 1837 to 1857. I decided to conduct a very preliminary study on the appearance of two names. One name is that of your great-great-grandfather Benjamin C. Taylor. The other name is that which may be the maiden name of his wife, your great-great-grandmother Catherine Gehring.

I discovered this great image of Michigan Street Baptist Church at the What To Do, Buffalo Niagara website.

My approach was simple. Copies of the same 1837 through 1857 Buffalo City Directories are available through the LDS Family History Library on microfiche numbered FHL[6043723-6043744]. Per the Catalog the complete FHL collection are on 121 microfiche and 52 microfilm reels. The Directories are available from 1827 through 1930. I also was able to locate an online map of Buffalo in 1850.

The first part of the study identifies, at this point, six specific entries that can be attributed to your great-great-grandfather Benjamin C. Taylor. I have included the 2-page spreadsheet of the Buffalo City Directories Study 1837-1857. Using the map I was able to locate the approximate locations of the Taylor house; "106 Walnut" and "Walnut near Sycamore". The following inserts of the Directories' pages include 1850/51; 1855; 1856; 1857; 1858; and 1859.

The next surname, Gehring, the maiden name of your great-great grandmother Catherine (née Gehring) Taylor may be a bit more difficult to determine. I mean that it may be somewhat difficult to determine any Gehring family connections as current paperwork does not highlight any such relationships. On a survey of the mentioned Directories I have located those names that may appear to be similar to the "Gehring" and "Ghering" that you provided me. From 1837 through 1857, but not conclusive, I have found at least the following variants on the name in the Directories: Gehrein; Gehring; Goehring; Gahring; Grahling; Gering; Gerling; Geering; Gehrung; Gearing; Gering.

As we have not established a current linking of your great-great-grandmother Catherine with her immediate family, that is the "Ghering" family, at this time, I have been able to also zero in on those names, similar in some way that may be located near to the location of the Benjamin C. Taylor address, that is, "Walnut n Sycamore" and "106 Walnut". A number of these should be further investigated to see if there may be some clue that may lead us to factual evidence of a relationship.

Have fun with this information.

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